Eospacificbp:Code of Conduct

Eospacificbp submits our Mission, Guiding Principles, and Code of Conduct for the consideration of the EOS voting public.


With the leading blockchain, sidechain, dapp, and contract developing ability, Eospacificbp is committed to be the best BP. Eospacificbp keeps close contact with mainstream EOS communities and the media all over the world.We build both local and global communities for those who have interests in Asia-Pacific regions. We provide Asia-Pacific access and one-stop solutions for global developers. We are currently promoting EOS technology and working to be an EOS block producer candidate.

Eospacificbp 's Code of Conduct

Partners and Representatives for our global EOS communities

We will set up partners and representatives to be the champions building local communities in global cities. They will play an important role in organizing events to help EOS communities connect the resources with each other and with us.

Offline EOS Meetups globally

We will host offline meetup events in global cities. We have plans to expand our footprints in G20 countries within a year. We have two upcoming offline events in Hong Kong and Houston by the end of May.

Communities for Bankers, Lawyers and other professionals

We build EOS communities for professionals and experts to promote the concepts and technology of EOS to them. They will be able to help EOS communities to develop useful skill sets to make meaningful applications.

Communities for Institutions and Corporates

We build EOS communities for institutions and corporates. This would be a useful resource for EOS developers to find a solution for a real business case.

Training and Educations

We will provide blockchain and EOS training and educations to the communities.

Asian Access

In our team, we have specialists ready for those developers who have interests in Asia-Pacific market. They are professional and understand Asia with solid experiences in blockchain implementation.

One-stop Solutions

We have developers who are able to help and provide one-stop solutions.