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NodePacific Tech is a leading blockchain company in Asia. Based in Hong Kong, we build both local and global communities for those who have interests in Asia-Pacific regions. We provide Asia-Pacific access and one-stop solutions for global developers. We are currently promoting Graphene technology and working to be public blockchain producer candidate.

Public blockchain, to be an Block Producer

EOS Pacific is the project we are constructing to be an block producer candidate. Also we are developing Blockchain developer communities and would love to have both local and global developers to join us.

Asia-Pacific Access

If you are a global developer and have a fantastic blockchain project, you cannot miss the fast-paced and dynamic Asia-Pacific regions. Do not worry about language and culture differences. We will help you open the door to Asia and seize this opportunity.

Support the Blockchain Community

As a Hong Kong based organization, we will spend part of our revenues to build, promote and support local communities and those global communities who have strong interests in Asia-Pacific regions. We focus on building EOS communities. We would love to see more and more blockchain developers join us and play the Symphony of blockchain.

One-stop Solution

educations and talents

Educations and Talents

We provide blockchain technology training services and track blockchain talents for global customers. Graphene technology, as a very important emerging blockchain technology, is our major focus.

Technology solutions

Technology solutions

Our services can help global customers develop blockchain solutions covering design, test environment, cloud server and implementations. Currently we are closely following the dynamic Graphene technology development. Our blockchain technology experts are ready for your consultations.



Sometimes it is difficult to put ideas into products. Not only can we help to build your ideas from scratch, but also to facilitate key steps from fundraising to marketing, media, and products. Our aim here is to turn developers’ ideas into reality.

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