Node Pacific - World Largest Public Chain and Crowdsourcing Platform Operator

Node/Governance/Arbitration/DApp Developer/Rating/Campus Alliance/POF

Node Pacific is The Heart of the Blockchain, The community Governance Organizer, The Technical Solutions Provider and The Link of the Blockchain Eco-System


Participated in 20 Public Chains, both domestic and abroad.
Participated in the expansion, construction, promotion of community governance, emphasizing in the diversity of the eco-system members.

Governance - Essential Tripartite Power of The Public Chain Eco-system

Special Support


Initiated by Node Pacific, Blockchain Eco-system Forum. POF serves the entire Blockchain Industry, aiming to seek and provide the solutions for the community.


Organized and constructed The World's First Blockchain Independent Arbitration Court, exploring the new channel of DPoS consensus mechanism management, and empower the community management at different development stages.


We are already serving The Most Active nearly 20 Public Chain. The stable operation time has exceeded over thousands of hours, without any block being lost. As the participants in the EOS mainnet launch, Node Pacific is the guarantee of the security operations.